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ここに投稿してから長い時間が経ちました...最後に作った、コミック "Go For Dream"の最後のプロジェクト私も私が混乱しているので、あなたはここに何を書きたいですか...私、このブログに書くことはめったにありません。Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Kaka…

Last Project for Go For Dream

the last project ?, yaps ... like the title of the article I wrote there.

Go For Dream Project Comic and synopsis

Last project

Hello everyone, maybe you have followed my activities on other social media like WhatsApp right?

Welcome to new blog

Welcome to my new blog ;), this is my new url. Which blog has been used for a long time? Because I have not used the name: gingalibadeidara, so I decided to stay (just backup)